Upper Stoney Lake Association


July 23, 2018

Pilgrams Rest Campsite Development NEWS

Please see the attached (developer's Draft Plan of Vacant Land Condominium created by Ecovue). The proposal is for 30-unit vacant land condominium development.

*The Township of North Kawartha Comprehensive Zoning By-law #26-2013 currently zones the Mainland Property as “Rural (RU)”, “Environmental Constraint (EC)” and “Provincially Significant Wetland”. The Island Property is currently zoned “Shoreline Residential Island (SRI)” Zone. The proposed zoning by-law amendment is intended to rezone the area proposed for redevelopment for 30 residential lots to a Site Specific Shoreline Residential Zone. (*From the North Kawartha website.)

June 22nd there was an information session hosted by EcoVue Consulting, the developer's planning consultant.

This Session does not replace the Public Meeting, which will be scheduled for a later date and hosted by North Kawartha Township. That public meeting will provide an opportunity for people to voice their concerns.

April 19, 2019

2018 Fall Presidents Message

Fall President’s Report-2018

It may be my imagination but the older I get, the fast the summer goes. The board recently met for our fall directors meeting and we have a lot of work ahead of us. The recent election in North Kawartha resulted in both a new mayor and deputy mayor so will have to follow their progress closely. During the “off” season, we will be tackling the following but as I have reiterated numerous times, we need your help.

1. Voicing our concerns through various channel with respect to the current proposal for the development of Pilgrims Rest;

2. Recruiting new directors for the following portfolios: Youth Programs; Events; Environment; directors at large;

3. Revamping the website; and

4. Promoting the use of the pavilion.

1. Although we understand not all USLA members are opposed to development on the lake, based on the reports provided on the proposed development at Pilgrims Rest, the board is taking the position that the development as currently proposed is not sustainable for the lake. Although the environmental council and the lake alliance is shouldering the majority of the work thus far, we are prepared to move forward with our submissions and are need of a director who can help with this endeavour and liaise with the council and the lake alliance.

2. We currently have 9 directors on the board and have room for 12. Each of our terms on the board is outlined below. In addition to an environmental director, we need additional directors to take over youth programs, events and help to increase our membership. Our goal is to increase the involvement of younger families on the lake and ensure our programs continue to serve the USLA community.

3. We have a unique asset in our beautiful Sunset Pavilion. Many days it sits empty. If you have any interest in holding a class, program, event, seminar etc., please let us know.

We are at a critical point in the life of the USLA. The current groups of directors and the time on the board is as follow:

2005-Elizabeth Hyde and Shelagh Landsmann

2009 – Brittany Owens

2011 - John Pitblado

2012 - Jim Rickard

2013 - Cathy Miller

2014 – Eddie Beqaj

2016 – Julian Pope

2017 – Glenn Hunter

We are committed as a board to moving our agenda forward so that we can continue to provide:

• Art and Craft Show

• Swimming programs

• Youth movie night

• Adult movie presentations

• Theme nights

• Yoga

• Fireworks

• Regatta

• Dances

• Fitness classes

• Rocks and shoals’ markers

• Information about issues lakers need to be aware of

……. But we need your help. If you have any interest, big or small, please email me directly at . We are happy to provide role descriptions and time commitments.

Elizabeth Hyde

President USLA

June 19, 2019

Douro-Dummer Septic Inspections

Information regarding septic inspections and fee structure in this pdf file.